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Sport Physical Exam in Roanoke, VA

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Sport Physical Exam in Roanoke, VA

When the sports season rolls around for your child, you may be scrambling to schedule a last minute sport physical with your primary care provider. Unfortunately, securing a last minute appointment with a primary care provider can be extremely difficult, as they often require an appointment months in advance. At AFC Urgent Care Center in Roanoke VA, our urgent care professionals offer walk-in sport physicals for patients every day of the week. Rather than scheduling an appointment months in advance or scrambling to find a spot last minute, avoid the stress of sport physicals through a primary care provider by coming into AFC Urgent Care Center in Roanoke, VA instead.

At our clinic, we aim to provide every patient with a top notch medical experience, including our physicals. Here are some common questions that our knowledgeable urgent care professionals receive about our sport physicals:

Why is a sport physical important?

Throughout the school year and summer, your child is constantly interacting with other children and getting physical exercise. This is especially true during the sports season, where they may be running around with friends after school and during the weekends. Sport physicals are often required because your child needs to be in their best shape to excel in their sport and stay healthy at the same time. Regular sport physicals before the sports season help to ensure that your child is in great shape before they play a sport. At our walk in clinic in Roanoke, we make the sport physical process easy and accessible for every family that comes into our clinic.

What is involved in a sport physical?

Sport physicals have a few important components that can easily be completed by a experienced provider. The first part involves taking your child’s medical history to ensure that they are in good health and are not at risk for injury or illness while playing a sport. The questions involved can range from allergy history to surgery history and family history of illness. The other big component of a sport physical is testing your child’s current health, which can involve testing of the joints, vitals check up and vision check up. Once these important preventive measures are taken, your child’s doctor can ensure that they are in good shape to play a sport and interact with other children.

Should my child do anything to prepare for a sport physical?

Other than showing up ready to answer any questions about medical history, there are no necessary steps before a sport physical. If your child is missing important immunizations however, these should be completed and can be done on site at our urgent care clinic.

If you and your family are looking for a timely alternative to scheduling appointments months in advance for a sport physical, then walk into AFC Urgent Care Center in Roanoke, VA today. Our urgent care professionals are ready to provide confidential and compassionate care for patients of all ages, and welcome any questions that you may have about sport physicals or our other services offered at AFC Urgent Care.

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