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STD Testing in Roanoke VA

AFC Urgent Care is a Walk-in Clinic Providing STD Testing for Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV and Others the Same Day.

STD Testing in Roanoke VA

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We are conveniently located at 602 Brandon Ave SW #222 Roanoke, VA 24015 at the Towers Shopping Center.

Are you looking for a walk-in STD clinic? Look no further than AFC Urgent Care in Roanoke, VA. Our doctors and medical providers strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible when taking an STD test. Since we are a walk-in STD clinic, this makes us the best STD testing clinic near you. Our doctors will also be sure to provide you with accurate information on STD treatment options at the time of your appointment.

How does STD testing work?

All you have to do is call to schedule an appointment or walk in to our AFC Urgent Care facility. Typically, our team of doctors and medical professionals will collect urine samples, blood samples, and vaginal or cervical samples. These are all often required in order for us to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. Then, one of our experienced doctors or physicians will privately discuss with you all of the test results as well as the best treatment options for you and for your partner.

How do you test for STDs?

There are many different ways to test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The type of STD symptoms that you are experiencing will often determine which type of test you will receive. Symptoms that our medical professionals will examine include sores, discharge, pain, and the patient’s medical and sexual history.

To get this type of history, our doctor or medical professional will ask questions like how many partners the patient has had in a given year and prior to that. After, the medical professional will examine the patient. For girls/women who have STD like symptoms, this might include a pelvic exam. Girls/women who do not have STD like symptoms and are just getting screened for STDs as part of a routine checkup, most likely won’t need a pelvic exam.

Based on what’s learned from the exam, our medical professional may take one or more of the following:

  • Blood sample
  • Urine sample
  • Swab of the inside of the mouth
  • Swab of the genitals (urethra in men or cervix in women)
  • Swab of any discharge or present sores

Often, the sample(s) can be taken right here in our medical office for testing purposes. Other times, the sample may need to be sent to a lab and the results come back at a later date. This will largely depend on the type of STD our doctors are testing for.

Often there are no signs that a person has contacted an STD. This is not a good thing because these “hidden” STDs can put people at risk for other health problems. Anyone who is currently sexually active, or has had sex in the past, should get tested.

Can I go to an urgent care for STD testing?

Absolutely you can. Often times people are too nervous to go to the doctors’ office to take an STD test. It is difficult enough to fit in an appointment to see the doctor in the first place. It is not fun to take the test, and it is not fun to talk about, and quite frankly it’s terrifying to think of it coming out with a positive result. But, the doctors and medical professionals here at AFC Urgent Care Roanoke will ensure that we provide the best and most comforting care.

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